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21 May

TOP 2 games that I love Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Publié par Scott Shaw  - Catégories :  #Call of Duty, #gaming, #modern warfare 3

Everyone tries to match it,but so far the Call Of Duty franchise has been one of a kind. No other game has found out the magic formula that has kept the franchise above all others. Some say MW3 is the worst Call Of Duty ever. Find out my opinion on this must have game, by reading the rest of this Review!

Modern Warfare 3 may include an older engine, but still looks amazing. At any given time 5 to 10 things are happening at once it's madness! Everything is so real buildings burn, and crumble to the ground as the explosions and gunshots batter your senses. You will be able to experience all of this action in an amazing 60 frames-per-second!

By the middle of the campaign you will probably think that you are actually in the game. This is due to the amazing soundtrack that MW3 delivers, this alone should make you drive down to your local Gamestop and buy this game! Although this game may be quite repetitive that's not a bad things because you will repetitively be playing the best first person shooter of all time!

On the bad note the multiplayer can get very frustrating after a while and you will have broken at least 2 controllers just from rage. Also the campaign is not very playable once you beat it you will most likely never play it again.

Saints Row 3

Saints Row 3 is the third game in the Saints Row series. And in my opinion one of the best in the series. Everything about the game is just pure fun. It is very easy to control too, even new players can understand the controls. The perfect first game choice. And for you hardcore gamers Saints Row 3 has plenty to offer. First off there is a mode called Horde mode where endless waves of enemies ambush you for the perfect close to death scenario.

On the downside the Campaign is not one of my favorites. Some of the levels are really boring, and drag on a lot. Plus after about 2 weeks of running over people with your car and killing every single person you spot your eye on you will probably stop playing for a week and then next thing you know is you'll find yourself right back at it again. This process will most likely keep repeating until the next Saints Row comes out.

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Our blog for all sportsmen and spotswomen. If you want to be healthy and happy, use our advices in your life.